Molly Grace, Birth Boot Camp Instructor

I teach Birth Boot Camp childbirth classes to parents who live in or near New Braunfels, TX.
Most of these birth classes are held in New Braunfels, so if you can drive there, I'd love to have you join a class!

I learned about giving birth from a wonderful childbirth educator while I was pregnant with my first baby and I went on to have four natural, empowering births. Each of my births was a transforming experience and yours will be too. Seriously. No matter how you choose to approach it and no matter what happens, you will be challenged and changed because of it. Let’s team up: I’ll help you in learning all the excellent information and essential skills we have to offer in a Birth Boot Camp class, and you make that knowledge your own to prepare your body and mind for a truly amazing birth.

A few quick selfies of me wearing some of my birthy shirts and getting ready to teach!

Here is my current Class Schedule

6 week birth class for parents planning a birth at a hospital, home, or birth center, Tuesday evenings, 6:30-9pm

March 14 - April 18, 2023
May 2 - June 6, 2023
July 18 - August 22, 2023

Newborn/Postpartum Care Workshop
Take it with a birth class for a package price!

These classes are offered after each of the 6-week classes listed above as an optional 7th class.

May also be taken without the birth class.

I also occasionally offer a 4 hour Comfort Measures workshop where we simply cover ways for you and your partner to help you through the sensations of labor. This is usually scheduled based on interest, so please contact me to get one set up (this info is also included in the childbirth classes listed above).

To sign up or get more info about a class, please contact me at