You are about to do something incredible.

Honor it.

Cherish it.

Celebrate it.

Molly Grace is a birth photographer and lifestyle newborn photographer in New Braunfels, Texas. 

Also offering photography in San Marcos, Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas.

There will never be anything like this birth. This baby.
This experience.

Your life-changing birth doesn't deserve to be lost in your phone files or a desk drawer.

Imagine what it would look like to honor your birth. To cherish and celebrate it with artwork. To have a constant reminder of the deep love in your family that began on this day.

Closer connection with your partner

who will be fully available to support you in labor and also be in the photos. You will also enjoy the rich experience of viewing your birth story together.


of your unique experience as you look through your breathtaking photos. These photos capture the truth and beauty of your birth, including the details you missed in the moment, and will not fade.

 a beautiful story

displayed in artwork that is not only gorgeous, but will allow you to hold your memories in your hands as you remember and tell the story of you and your baby.

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I can help you honor, cherish, and celebrate your birth through...


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Tell Molly when you are in labor and she will come right away to photograph it!

Go time!


We come together again to view your beautiful story 4-6 weeks after your birth. This is also when you order your artwork.

First look at your story


Display your artwork in your home after Molly hand-delivers it.


what does birth photography with molly look like?

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Being in the room where a new life is coming into the world is the most amazing experience I have ever encountered. Naturally this was true in my own births. I still remember that exquisite feeling of bringing my warm, wet, wiggling babies into my arms for the first time. But it's also true as I witness birth through my camera lens. This is why birth photography pulls me so strongly. 

I'm Molly!

This season of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is strange and wonderful, isn't it? We're both vulnerable and powerful, soft and strong, releasing and receiving. Have you felt that too? And maybe you wonder how to really embrace it?

You are in the right place, friend. 

My goal here is to help you honor, cherish, and celebrate this experience. I wanted to do that myself while bringing my own four children into the world. It gave me a deep respect for birth that eventually led me to serving parents through childbirth classes and birth photography.

Molly is sensitive, professional, and comfortable. I was worried I might pay too much attention to her or she would be in the way but I didn't even know she was there most of the time & she ninjaed in some perfect shots.
                                                          - Abby D.

You're here because you know the birth of your baby is important.
You want to remember everything.

But there's also something deeper. Perhaps you worry about how things will go.
"What if I make a fool of myself?"
"What if I can't have the birth I want?"
"What if I really can't handle it?"
"What if I don't know what to do?"

I know those thoughts well, and they are so normal. But even though they are normal, they can be overwhelming. Birth photography will not simply help you remember your birth, but it can also help you navigate and process those deep feelings.

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You are incredible. Don't you forget it.

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Because I invest so much into each photography client, I only take a limited number of sessions per month.  Please be sure to contact me soon to see if we're the right fit for each other and to get you on my calendar!

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