I love questions! Find your answers here or ask when we talk!

I was thinking of having my friend or sister take pictures. Why should I hire you instead?

Having a sister or friend take pictures for you is way better than having your partner leaving your side to do it and certainly better than having no pictures at all. But let me ask you: How well does she know birth? Does she know where to be to get the best angle? Does she know the rhythm and flow of birth to know what to watch for? Is she aware of the challenges of taking pictures in low light or how to work with the light in the room for the best results? And is she going to spend hours editing your photos to highlight the beauty of your birth or be able to help you create gorgeous artwork that will last for years with a  place of honor in your home? Because those are the things I know and the things I will do for you.

What kinds of things will you take pictures of?

Whatever you want me to. This is one of the important things we will talk about at our consultation together! If you want pictures of every raw, intimate element of your birth, I will do that for you. If you want to keep the pictures above the waist and just really focus in on the emotions and connection, I will do that for you. If there are certain shots you are really hoping to have, tell me and I will do everything I can to get them! I will be there to document the things you want to remember.

Will you put personal pictures of me on the internet?

The short answer is: only if you want me to. Some women love sharing with the world what real birth is like and are glad to have their images respectfully displayed so others can see their amazing experience. Some women want to keep their private moments private and simply cherish them in their own homes. Some women are comfortable with a few of their images being shared, but not all. But you are the one who gets to decide. When you sign a contract with me, I will give you a "model release" form to sign and on it you will be able to indicate exactly how you want your images to be used. I love being able to share beautiful images of birth, but I only do it with permission.

Birth is so unpredictable. How do you make sure you don't miss my birth?

You're right, it is unpredictable! There are several things I do to make this less of a concern:
1. I make sure both you and your partner have my personal number and I keep my phone with me at all times from 37 weeks on (yes, even in the middle of the night!).
2. We will talk in advance about the best time to call to make sure you're not calling too late for me to make it (if you are in one of my childbirth classes, you probably already know when that is!).
3. I have several babysitters ready to come watch my kids at a moment's notice.
4. In the rare instance that I am completely unable to get there in a reasonable time (due to sickness or a car accident, for example), I have a back-up photographer available who is also skilled in birth photography. She will take pictures for the whole birth or until I am able to get there. I will still edit your photos and provide your artwork.

I'm really interested in birth photography, but what if my partner isn't?

It can feel really discouraging when there is something important to you and your partner doesn't see the value of it. But honestly, it's probably because they haven't been given the opportunity to see and really feel the value! This is one reason why I want both of you to be at our personal consultation. I want you both to see the beauty of birth and to envision your own labor and first moments with your child preserved for you as treasured art. I don't want you to talk with me on your own and then feel like you need to go back and convince your partner. I want you to make this decision together and feel excitement at the prospect of cherishing your birth through these photos together. And no joke, dads love these photos showing how he supported you and how he fell completely in love with his little one at first sight.

I don't see your prices anywhere. What are they?

You have a keen eye! You're right, I don't have them listed on my website and I know that may be kind of annoying. But here's the thing: I don't want to just be a number to you. Photography is an investment, you already know that. But if you're going to make a choice based on comparing numbers, well, that doesn't give us much of a chance to really get to know each other, does it? So I leave the numbers off and ask you to push that button right below this question so we can get on the phone where you can tell me about yourself and your hopes for your birth photos and I can answer all your questions about the details of my service, customized for you.

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