Molly is doing more than taking pictures. She is serving parents around New Braunfels by preserving life's most precious event, birth, as treasured art.

What should you know about me as we take this journey together?

I asked the people who know me best to say how they would describe me. Here's what they said: reliable, relaxed, thoughtful, kind, wise, peaceful, serene, calming, grounding, steady, and gentle. Also thorough and detail-oriented. When you work with me you are well cared for and your artwork is given top-notch attention.  (And the products I provide to display your photos? Stunning. I can't wait to show you because they are simply the best products available and I love them.)

Honestly, if you are going to gel best with a photographer who is great at cracking jokes and will use her quick wit to keep everyone laughing (a great skill - I wish it came easier to me!), I might not be the photographer for you. Same if you want someone who will send over some digitals fast and cheap. It's just not me. 

But if you want someone who is going to do her best to see things from your perspective, to quietly find your beauty and strength so that she can help you see who you are and what you did, if you want someone you can count on to bring a clear-headed and calm presence to your birth, if you want someone to value your birth the way you do, then I'm your photographer and I can't wait to see what we create together.

MORE benefits of working with me that you can enjoy before baby comes

I teach Birth Boot Camp childbirth classes!

Maybe you are even in one of my classes right now!  Not only can I help you prepare for your birth with a class, but as your photographer I come to your birth with a good understanding of the process. Being a certified childbirth educator helps me to know the rhythms and patterns of birth so that I can be ready for whatever your birth looks like. I know how to respect your birth space and work with your birth team. 

If you aren't in my class right now, maybe you'd like to be! You can find my class schedule here with information about the types of classes I teach. And seriously, Birth Boot Camp is the cream of the crop as far as childbirth education goes.

I run a Facebook group just for you!

I want to keep in touch with what is important to you and provide a space for women who are pregnant or have babies to connect, be supported and encouraged, find great information, and have fun together! Please join us there!

Want to connect with me?



Would you like to see some of my favorite local resources? Check out this page I put together for you!

I don't want you to feel like you're inviting a stranger into your birth space, which is why we always have a personal consultation beforehand.

But maybe you want to know a little more right now just for fun...