Go you for making plans to have an amazing birth in New Braunfels! Not everyone thinks about birth as being amazing, but yours will be since you are ready to prepare for it and make choices that will create the birth that feels amazing to you! (And remember, amazing for one person is not necessarily […]

March 21, 2024

8 Steps to Having an Amazing Birth in New Braunfels, Texas

We all like to feel like we’re in control. But what about the unpredictability of birth? It’s notorious for being an uncertain, wild ride! How can you possibly feel in control then? Many people try. That’s why about a third of births in the US are induced. (Don’t get me started. A third of people […]

January 19, 2024

How to handle the unpredictability of birth

You know your birth is going to be an amazing experience. You’ve got a solid team of people ready to support you with love and skill. You’ve seen birth photos that show all that in the most beautiful way and you want a skilled photographer to create photos like that for you. You want to […]

December 15, 2023

My partner doesn’t want birth photos

You want photos from your birth, right? Of course you do! The question is: should you hire a professional or just have your friend (or sister, mom, or whoever) photograph your birth? Everyone has a halfway decent camera in their pocket nowadays, so why not ask everyone to grab some photos to remember the day […]

November 9, 2023

Pros and Cons to having a friend photograph your birth

lots of people at this birth!

Today I want to suggest an idea I don’t know if you’ve thought a lot about before: Connecting with your baby during labor. Labor is really hard work (news flash). So it’s natural to simply focus on what you need to do to get through each contraction. And of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with […]

October 18, 2023

Connecting with your baby during labor

You’re pregnant! (Ha, you don’t need me to tell you.) You have another human person inside you! You’ve never seen them, never heard them, can’t quite touch them (though you feel their movements), but you will do all those things soon, and this person is going to be a major part of your life forever […]

September 30, 2023

Ways to connect with your baby during pregnancy

And why might you want it? While there are almost as many styles of photography as there are photographers, you can make some larger generalizations. When it comes to newborn photography I consider there to be two main groups: styled/posed and lifestyle. You’d probably recognize both, but let me tell you a little more about […]

September 6, 2023

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Lifestyle newborn photography at home

Or… Why would I ever want to print my birth photos?? Birth photos are so intimate, right? Why would you want them printed? Should you even print birth photos? Maybe you really want to have birth photos, but like, just to have them. They’re in your phone files somewhere or on a USB maybe and […]

August 25, 2023

Should I print my birth photos?

I’m constantly trying to tell people about the astounding shift that happens at the very moment a mother’s baby is finally born. There’s a mind-boggling amount of things going on in your baby’s body (and your own body), but that’s info for another time. I’m talking about your immediate, personal experience. There is this minute […]

August 2, 2023

Can birth photos help you?

This birth story is a on the more unique side since it shows a birth that begins in a birth center and the couple tranfers to the hospital for a cesarean. You may have wondered what that experience would be like! People planning a birth at a birth center or at home are often concerned […]

July 6, 2023

Birth Center Transfer for Cesarean – Story in Photos