How can birth photography help you navigate and process your childbirth experience?

Of course everyone wants pictures of the baby, and rightfully so, but don't forget that on this day you are going to shine. Don't ignore your incredible work. You are valuable. You are something special. Your birth is important and there is no reason not to celebrate it with amazing art of what you have done as you welcome your child into the world. It will help you on the hard days. It will give you joy on the good ones.

Maybe you don't want to feel self-centered. You feel embarrassed asking someone to take your photos even though you know you want them. This is the beauty of having me for your birth photographer: you won't have to ask for them. You will completely focus on what you need to do and all your support people will focus on supporting you while I handle the pictures. Not only do I handle the pictures, but I make sure you have them saved and cherished as beautiful artwork. You don't even need to wonder what you'll do with all these precious photos, I've got that part covered too.

The day you give birth is not only the day you meet your child for the first time, it's also the day you discover the depth of your love and strength. But maybe you aren't sure what that will look like. When you bring me in to photograph your birth you will see the beauty of your birth. You will see your success and love even when things go differently than you had hoped. You will see yourself at your most vulnerable and most powerful. You will be proud and amazed at yourself. You will see your remarkable people surrounding and supporting you. You will be able to process your birth experience more thoroughly than you would without this artwork. And you will have it as a constant reminder of your love and strength. 



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