Joyful Beginnings Birth Care

The Joyful Beginnings team provides homebirth services to New Braunfels and the surrounding areas as well as birth care at their lovely birth center in New Braunfels, TX.

I could go on and on about these warm, loving midwives, not least because they were my own midwives at the birth of my fourth baby. Joani and Ashley were there for my truly wonderful homebirth here in New Braunfels in 2016 and they have since expanded their services! They now have four outstanding full-time midwives, an amazing student midwife, and a friendly office/birth assistant. They have also opened a New Braunfels birth center right across the street from Christus Santa Rosa Hospital! 

If you want to see pictures of the birth center and pictures of the midwives in action, keep scrolling! 

Joani Koenig - LM, CPM 

Ashley King - LM, CPM

Marsha Chovanec - LM, CPM

Mackenzie Thomas - LM

Charis Koenig - Administrative/Birth Assistant

Let's see these midwives in action at homebirths!

And would you like to see the Birth center too?

The sunny and welcoming lobby where you first come in! (Don't worry, there's a bathroom right there too!)

One of the cozy prenatal/exam rooms!

This is a charming birth room with bright feel in the daytime. Those doors go out onto a small patio to enjoy some fresh air if you like! There is a comfortable inflatable tub and an attached bathroom with shower.

If you'd like a darker space to birth in, this room has a lovely, dim atmosphere with a luxurious built-in tub.

And of course you and baby receive plenty of pre and postpartum care and attention in the weeks before and after your birth! Here's Ashley at a follow-up appointment in the other prenatal/exam room.

Want to check them out yourself or schedule a free consultation with them? Click this link!

Updated photos coming soon to show the remodel and expansion! But these are still a good representation in the meantime.